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Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today, Live Check Fatafat Result online


A well-liked lottery game in Kolkata, Kolkata FF Fatafat Results is renowned for its element of chance and the potential to win big prizes. This game can only be played in Kolkata; thus, those who wish to play need to be in the city.

Kolkata Fatafat Today Result

Conventionally, games such as Kolkata FF Fatafat include three main components: a random aspect, the goal of winning, and the risk of losing money or belongings. This game can be played up to eight times daily, Monday through Saturday, and four times on Sundays.


Today’s live Kolkata Fatafat results are available. You can see it or download it. The official Kolkata FF lottery website,, is updated with the results.



Since the Kolkata Fatafat Game is only held in Kolkata and overseen by city officials, you have to be physically present in Kolkata to participate.


It is customary to bet or wager on anything of value while understanding the risks involved and hoping to profit from the outcome of a game. Satta Matka is a prime example of this type of lottery game; it draws those looking to make quick cash.

Results for Kolkata Fatafat Time:

The list below lets you view the timing of all the rounds (Bazi) results from morning to evening.

1st Bazi ⌚ 10:03 am
2nd Bazi ⌚ 11:33 am
3rd Bazi ⌚ 01:03 pm
4th Bazi ⌚ 02:33 pm
5th Bazi ⌚ 04:03 pm
6th Bazi ⌚ 05:33 pm
7th Bazi ⌚ 07:03 pm
8th Bazi ⌚ 08:33 pm

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