TATA Capital EMI Card Apply Online: जाने TATA Capital Card के फायदे, साथ ही साथ घर बैठे करे अप्लाई


The TATA Capital EMI card is widely recognized as one of the most renowned credit cards in India. Applying for a TATA Capital EMI card online is a convenient and straightforward process. Once you have the card, you can enjoy a host of benefits, including enticing discounts and cashback offers on your purchases. Furthermore, this card is widely accepted at numerous retail outlets and merchants, making it a versatile choice for your transactions, both online and in-store.

TATA Capital EMI Card

With each shopping transaction, you’ll earn valuable reward points and cashback, features that are embraced by a broad spectrum of consumers. The card also offers a pre-approved credit limit tailored to your income and credit score, serving as a valuable tool to curb excessive spending. Whenever you make a purchase, you have the flexibility to convert it into a zero-cost EMI, although this option may not be applicable to all products. Moreover, the application process is streamlined, requiring no extensive documentation, granting you swift access to your card in just a matter of minutes.

TATA Capital EMI Card


Launched ByTata is one of the biggest companies in India, known for its significant market value and shares. It is renowned for its cars and financial services, including the recently introduced TATA capital EMI card. This card enables credit-based purchases, with some being interest-free.
Eligibility Criteria To acquire a TATA capital EMI card, applicants must meet specific requirements. They must be Indian citizens and at least 18 years old.
Application Process (Online)The online application process for the TATA capital EMI card is simple and convenient. Interested individuals can visit the official website and apply by selecting from the available pre-approved offers
Documents RequiredApplicants need to provide proof of identity such as Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, etc., along with proof of address like a driving license or passport. Additionally, various income-related documents may be necessary.
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Eligibility Criteria For TATA Capital EMI Card

Before applying for the TATA Capital card, it’s essential to be aware of certain eligibility criteria. If you have previously held a credit card, you can swiftly obtain the card within minutes. However, if you’re entirely new to the process, it might require a bit more time. Nevertheless, the overall application process remains straightforward and user-friendly. Applying online adds to the convenience, making the entire procedure hassle-free.


Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the eligibility criteria:

  • Indian Citizenship: The applicant must be a citizen of India to qualify for the card.
  • Regular Income: A steady source of income is necessary to ensure timely repayment of credit. Additionally, a minimum monthly salary requirement is in place to obtain the card.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be either 18 years of age or older.
  • Credit Score: A good credit score is a vital factor, and applicants are expected to maintain a favorable credit rating.

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TATA Capital EMI Card Apply Online

Applying for a TATA EMI card is a user-friendly and convenient process, offering flexibility to potential applicants. Whether you prefer an online or offline application method, the choice is yours. This versatility accommodates individuals in remote locations or those with limited mobility who may find online application more accessible. Once approved, you can expect to receive the physical card at your doorstep within a matter of days.


Here are the steps for the online application process for a TATA Capital EMI card:

  • Step 1 – To initiate the application process, start by visiting the official website at
TATA Capital EMI Card
  • Step 2 – After completing the application form, opt for the pre-approved credit option and furnish essential personal details. You can be eligible for a maximum credit limit of 1.5 lakhs, which is determined by assessing your income and credit score.
  • Step 3 – After completing the form, you should proceed to submit all the necessary documents.
  • Step 4 – Following the successful submission of your documents, the verification process will be conducted by the company’s officials.
  • Step 5 – Once all the necessary procedures have been successfully finalized, you will be issued your card number. Additionally, you can anticipate the physical card’s delivery to your address within a few days.

Required Documents For TATA Capital EMI:

  • Identity proof: Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID card, etc.
  • Address proof: Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, etc.
  • Income proof: Bank statement for the last few months or the most recent salary slip. Additional documents may be required in exceptional cases.
  • PAN card is also mandatory for the KYC process.

FAQ?: TATA Capital EMI Card

What is the procedure for making EMI payments on the TATA Capital EMI card?

No action is required on your part to make the credit payment. The payment amount is automatically debited from the bank account linked with your card.

Are there any cashback offers or promotions available for shopping with the TATA Capital EMI card?

Indeed, cashback rewards and special offers are applicable to each transaction made using the TATA Capital EMI card. These offers are either directly credited to your account or you will receive notification from TATA regarding them.

What is the credit limit of the card?

The card has a maximum limit of 1.5 lakhs INR that can be utilized each month.

What is the annual spending requirement to have the annual fee waived?

To have the annual fee waived, an annual spending of a minimum of 60,000 INR is required.

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